Services for Businesses

Business owners have many responsibilities—to their families, to their employees, and to their business. At Longnecker & Associates, we understand these responsibilities. We offer a variety of services to help business owners plan for their future and the future of their business.

Our services for business owners include:

  • Retirement planning. Retirement plans for businesses—qualified plans, such as 401(k)'s, and non-qualified plans—can help businesses attract, retain, and motivate top employees while also making the most of the plans' tax-deferred advantages. Longnecker & Associates offers a variety of retirement plans for businesses, as well as employer and participant services.
  • Business succession planning. Only one-third of all family owned businesses are passed on to the second generation—and only 10 percent are passed to the third generation. Does your business have a succession plan? Do you have an exit strategy in place that will allow you to leave the business on your terms? Are you covered in case of an an unplanned exit? Longnecker & Associates can help you examine your options, tailor an effective exit strategy, and put the plan in place.