Services for Individuals

Whether you're just starting out, nearing retirement or somewhere in between, Longnecker & Associates can help you achieve your financial goals. Our services for individuals include:

  • Retirement income planning. Are you on track for a financially secure retirement? When can you afford to retire? Do you know how you'll use your savings to generate a monthly income stream once you retire? We'll help you create a plan to address these key issues.
  • Risk protection. Sometimes the most basic risks can be the biggest hurdles to financial success. Longnecker & Associates can help be sure that you and your family are covered for the very real risks financial safety posed by premature death, disability, long-term care, and others.
  • Investing. A solid investment strategy involves a lot more than the investments themselves. It's also important to consider asset allocation, tax implications, life stage, tolerance for risk and more. We look at these issues—and many others—when creating investing strategies for our clients.
  • Estate planning. Will your wealth transfer smoothly to your beneficiaries? Or will Uncle Sam take a large bite out of your estate? The time to address these issues is now. We can help you create an estate plan to ensure your wishes are followed, while making the best use of tax-advantaged strategies.